A gift from me to You

Is March over yet? Wow, what a scary month we are having. I don't know if we should wish time to stand still or move fast? One thing is for sure, I am still carrying on with my business, my passion, and something that will keep my mind off of the Coronavirus. I am back from Arizona and ready to ship beautiful, colorful bags to you.

Let's make this fun for the rest of March!! Free shipping on all orders until April 1st.   A portion of all of my profits will go to a local food bank, and I am adding a Strap Charm with every bag purchase. You need to add your bag to the cart and then pick out your Strap Charm. It will automatically deduct.

Quick side note!! You have never needed a hands free bag more than right now!:)
Be Fearless, Be Authentic, Be Alice

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