Be a Hero

Being a Hero!!

Every day I get notes saying "I wish I could sew, I feel like I am doing nothing to help." I am here to tell you that it is not true. We all contribute in a million ways that we are not aware of. Every time you order takeout from one of your favorite restaurants, or you order a T-shirt from a local store, beer from your local breweries, and products from your salon. You are helping these businesses stay alive during such a stressful time. You are a Hero by teaching your children at home. Most of us parents didn't ever plan on this as part of our jobs. I can donate all day long, Sew 1,000 masks, and nothing will make me feel more like a hero then trying to teach my Dyslexic son. Teachers are heroes every day for teaching our children and right now for coming up with special accommodations. Then the nurses, Doctors, everyone showing up for work every day at our local grocery store. The list could go on and on!!!

I wanted to come up with a fun way to treat yourself and give to someone you love. With the purchase of this specific black stars bag with the stars and stripe strap, I will send a hero in your life a LOVE crossbody strap. Shoot me an email with the shipping address of your special someone and a kind note. My straps fit on most bags even if they are not a BeAlice bag. There are only a limited number of these bags! But don't worry I will keep coming up with more fun give aways.

Be Fearless, Be a Hero, Be Alice

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