Be Alice

Why rebrand? When I started Alice a little over a year ago, I could only hope and imagine that my business would take off as well as it has. I started without a website and just sold out of my home and then moved into a few stores. I am now back to being almost solely an online store except for a few local boutiques. I needed the name, Alice, to shine, and "shopalicebags" wasn't getting my point across. First of all, it doesn't give you the whole story of Alice, and second of all, it limits my brand to just bags. I want Alice to be so much more.
Hence, the new name, "Be Alice." Be Alice is everything I want this brand to be. I first came up with the name Alice because of my Saint Bernard. She is such a crazy combination of personalities, sweet and pleasant some days, aggressive and challenging the next. She is playful and silly in the evening, bossy and domineering when around other dogs. For me, the name Alice suggests you can be all of these things. Be Alice,  Fearlessly Authentic, Fabulous, Strong, Feminine, Silly, and sometimes even a little Bossy and Bold when you are carrying or wearing Alice products.
What can you expect from this rebrand? All the same fabulousness is there and more. I am starting to work with a local factory; this will help me have more bags in stock at all times. I will also be adding clothing in the near future.  For now, thank you for taking this journey with me. Remember to always Be Fearlessly Authentic! 
Be Alice!

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