Covid19 WOW!!!

I can't believe how quickly things have changed just in the past few days! Minnesota has all of our schools, salons, restaurants, and many large and small businesses shut down until March 27th, and that's just a guess on when they will reopen. I have gone back and forth about my own business, should I post? should I show any new pieces I might be working on (to keep my mind off of covid19?) I don't want to feel insensitive or pushy while we are all in the time of financial crisis, and scared for our health. What I decided was YES! I am going to post a bag a day. Instagram is like a fabulous magazine, Scrolling through beautiful photos, and following the people we enjoy should hopefully give all of us a break from what our new norm is.

I have also decided that I am going to try and find some positive in this. I am going to take time to calm my body, enjoy my children, walk my dogs every day, organize my house, catch up on sleep, and appreciate my health while I have it.

I have so many pretty bags ready and waiting for all of you when the time is right! I just need to box and drop safely at the post office. I will keep donating to food shelves with a portion of the profits I make from BeAlice.

If there was ever a time to be "BeAlice" it's now.

BeStrong, BeSafe, BeFearless, BeAlice!!!!

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