Making Surgical Masks

Never in my lifetime did I ever think I would need a pattern to make surgical masks, and here we sit March 21st, 2020, in this crazy situation that I have yet to wrap my head around. I happened to be scrolling through Facebook when I read a Dr.'s post asking if anyone had sewing skills that could help out with making surgical masks. I immediately went up into my sewing room to see what supplies I had so I could get started. This is a project that is great for beginners or advanced sewers. I will post a link to the video instructions. I promise this is a straightforward one to follow. I just thought I would share incase any of you sewers are starting to feel stir crazy. Message me if you have any questions. I am sure I can talk you through it.

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  • Hey there, please can you provide the pattern link? Many thanks!

  • Where can I find the pattern for the facemasks? Your video looks to be easy to follow the directions. Looking forward to finding the pattern.



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