Masks for Sale!!!

A few weeks back, I saw a post on Facebook, asking anyone if they would be able to use their sewing skills to make surgical masks to donate to the hospitals. I jumped right on it, just like everyone else. I made a bunch and sent them on their way. We went to our cabin for a change of scenery, and while we were there, my email and message boxes were overflowing with requests coming from people asking if they could purchase masks from me even if they weren't hospital employees. YES was my answer. We got home last night. I took some time to research the safest mask out there and got to work. I have them for sale in packs of 3, and 1 dollar of every mask is going to be donated to our local food banks. If anyone has a special place they would like me to donate too, local or elsewhere, I am 100% willing. Let's do this together. I will still be sewing and giving to the hospitals as well. Also, I have a video of the mask I made on Instagram, as well as my personal Facebook Page. Amy St Sauver Schmitz. If you want to make them yourself and have questions, please message me, I would love to help out. 


Be Giving  Be Fearless  Be Alice!!!


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  • I was able to find the exact pattern used in the video and a whole lot more at this website.

  • I love the mask and would like to start right away, but where’s the link?

  • Please email me the link. I don’t see it in your post.

  • I am making masks for all of my customers who are in the food service industry, I have made about 50 so far to give out, but I cam across your video and liked the pattern, you mentioned that you would be posting the pattern on the blog, but i cant find it. Thanks so much!

    Susan Whiten

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