New Mask, New Fit, New Attitude, New Normal

I am super excited to get my new protective masks up on my site today. When designing, I am always searching to make something better and more perfect each time. The first grouping of masks I made I was in love with, you could adjust the size with the binders and pins. It was a pattern designed by a hospital employee so it was great, but I didn't create it. That always bothers me. Also, I think I have bought every binder and pin in Hennepin county. I kept thinking the mask demand would slow down. Then recently, I started realizing that this is the new normal for at least the rest of the year. I decided to put my designer hat on and start trying to create the perfect fit mask. With My husband at my side trying on every prototype, we came up with one that we love!! I found wire I love, the softest ear tie, and a great facial fit with a lot of coverage. I also think I have this one down to a pretty good process where I can create quite a few at one time like I was able to do before. 

Keep in mind, this could all change again, sometimes I can't get my hands on the products I want, and I may come up with something even better, but for now Be Alice will have masks until we can kick this. I will have new postings every week; usually, multiple times, and I like to get them shipped within 1 to 2 days of you placing your order. I will also continue to donate a dollar of every mask to local food banks or anything else that pops up in dire need.

Let's do this together!

Be Courageous Be Loving Be Alice!!!!


  • Please email me the pattern or link for the mask with a filter pocket on your youtube channel. Thank you.

    David Gonzalez
  • Please email the mask pattern or link for the updated pattern with the filter pocket.

    Marcia Bryant

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