Love It!! Get It!! Wear It!!

Pulling all the pieces together

Well, Alice shoppers and followers it's been almost a full year since I started on this incredible Journey creating Alice bags! Sewing and creating have been the most amazing part. I have had many trials and errors when it comes to the social media side of things. I've started websites, shut down websites and now I think, finally, I have found one I am happy with. I am so excited about this next year to come. My ideas are exploding in my head. 

My goals for all of my followers:

Create amazingly gorgeous pieces that you can't live without.

Blog at least once a week with style tips and fun clothing finds

Update my website, not just my Instagram (why can't everything be as easy as Instagram)

The one constant in my life from my 18 years of doing hair to styling homes and designing bags is that I LOVE helping men and woman feel great, and look great. No matter how busy I get I will keep that as my main focus!

Alright everyone, time to put my Peepers down. (best reader glasses ever)

and get to bed.



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    Nicky Sendar

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