She's Here and She's fabulous! Big Alice

I am so excited to announce a new bag called the Big Alice crossbody. One of the main things I love about creating my brand is how you can transform each piece into something else. I love fashion; I love being conscious of what I spend. BeAlice is the bag line that will help you do so. Let’s chat about the Big Alice: This bag is the largest of the three classic crossbody bags. I had quite a few requests for something just a bit larger than the classic Alice crossbody. It took me a bit to come up with the perfect size. This bag needed to have still that same effortless feel as the mini and the classic. I needed Big Alice to be weightless like the others but always fit everything you need in there. This bag comes with gorgeous hardware that dangles from the rings on each side. You can use these as extender clips for your mini, so you have even more space. Mix and match the leather or wear it tone on tone. Come up with your look. I love carrying my phone in the mini, and then I add my JOJO coin purse on the inside, and everything else I need fits perfectly inside. If you don’t want to add a mini, add a favorite Tassel or your car keys. Dangle your mask from one of the clips. I will keep adding more fun ways to transform your BeAlice bags.




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