Small Business Saturday

I love all of the posts today that are promoting Small business Saturday. Last year at this time, my bag line was brand new, and I was trying to figure out a million things.
*How do I get my bags out there?
*How do I work Instagram and a website?
*Will people love my product as much as I do?
Well, a year later, I have half of it figured out, and I am so excited to keep pushing forward. I have a fabulous loyal following that loves having Alice at their side as much as I do, I feel like an Instagram professional:) and the website is still in the works. In the next two weeks, you will see purchasing bags getting a lot easier than having to message me and figure out how to and where to buy. I'll be doing a lot more pop- up shops in the New year to come. I love the face to face contact I have with all of you, and I will try to blog more about my product. I promise to keep it short and sweet. I appreciate all of you! Happy Saturday

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