Up-Cycled Designer bags into BeAlice bags

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Take a well loved bag of yours and turn it into a new Be Alice bag with the same great designer logo that you once loved. 

****We can plan a little bit about what you would like but most of the bag gets developed as I start taking apart your Designer bag. 

****Sometimes I need to add fabric or sew seams into the bag to hide previous blemishes.

****Remember, These are used products. I clean and repair as much as I can but you may be left with an original blemish or two.

****I try my best to make each bag have an amazingly fresh brand new look.

****No refunds if you are not happy with the finished product. This is a creative process.

****No two bags are alike. That's what makes this such a fun process. Each bag ends up personalized to you.

**** I am not affiliated with Gucci, LV, Fendi or any other designers. These are not Gucci, Fendi, or LV bags when I am finished. All patterns and designs are original to Be Alice