• She's Here and She's fabulous! Big Alice

    I am so excited to announce a new bag called the Big Alice crossbody. One of the main things I love about creating my brand is how you can transfor...
  • The BEA.BEA Pin

    The BEA.BEA pin is the perfect Mother's day Gift to tell the mom you love; they are a superhero.
  • New Mask, New Fit, New Attitude, New Normal

    I am super excited to get my new protective masks up on my site today. When designing, I am always searching to make something better and more perf...
  • Be a Hero

    Being a Hero!!Every day I get notes saying "I wish I could sew, I feel like I am doing nothing to help." I am here to tell you that it is not true....
  • Masks for Sale!!!

    A few weeks back, I saw a post on Facebook, asking anyone if they would be able to use their sewing skills to make surgical masks to donate to the ...
  • Making Surgical Masks

    This is a project that is great for beginners or advanced sewers. I will post a link to the video instructions
  • Covid19 WOW!!!

    I can't believe how quickly things have changed just in the past few days! Minnesota has all of our schools, salons, restaurants, and many large an...
  • A gift from me to You

    Free shipping on all orders until April 1st.  A portion of all of my profits will go to a local food bank, and I am adding a Strap Charm with every bag purchase.
  • Be Alice

    Be Alice,  Fearlessly Authentic, Fabulous, Strong, Feminine, Silly, and sometimes even a little Bossy and Bold when you are carrying or wearing Alice products.

  • Another Give Back From Alice

    What's going on in the world of Alice? Soooo many exciting things. I have fun Changes happening in March, but in the meantime Let's wrap up Februar...
  • ALICE wants to give back

    I am so excited to announce some fun things that are happening with Alice right now! I have always wanted to have the opportunity to give back, and...